Friday Night Light

The Real Friday Night Lights

Last week I posted about the great light on a Friday night and how I would normally be at a football field. Last night I drove down the street to the high school game and made a photo from above with my drone. I haven’t made a sports photo in over six months. This really does not count, but may be the closest that I get for a while. The sky cooperated with some good light, and I was able to make a photo that I liked. It also breaks up the recent wildlife trend on this blog.

Football Season

It was neat to hear the sights and sounds of the game again. The band and the cheers from a big play are things that I miss. With the way that things are going who knows when I will be around this stuff again. It is funny how quickly things came together for my photography career. With how quickly things happened I should have known that it could all unravel just as quickly. It will be interesting to see just what happens over the coming months. After I made this photo I went home and played games with my family. I started thinking that being home wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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