Friday Night Light

An Old Friend Returns

A couple of years ago I had a lot of fun photographing a red-breasted nuthatch in my backyard. The bird left for migration, and it never returned as far as I could see last year. It was cool to see one hanging out in the top of a tree last night. It was probably too far away to make a great photo, but it was a good photo to remember the day with.

Great Light On A Friday Night

With this year came a change in what I photograph. I would never have had a free Friday night before the virus. My Fridays would have been spent at some sporting event. Now though I have the time to make photos like this one. At this point I have no idea what the future will hold. I don’t know if sports photography is even in my future. It won’t be long before my long glass will be on the market. For now though I can still enjoy some fun documenting the light on Friday.

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