Sunset At Mackey

A Beautiful Sunset Over Mackey Arena

I made this photo a while back during a great sunset over Mackey Arena. I was out around the athletic complex in May when the sky really started to light up. I didn’t think that there was a good way to get everything into one frame so I decided to make a panoramic image and stitch them all together. I still haven’t found the best way to photograph this section of the complex. As I write this though I think I have an idea to try for the next time we have a good sunset.

Getting Out There

When everything was cancelled the first time I used it as motivation to get out and make some images. The second cancellation really zapped my motivation. With nothing on the schedule for a while now things look bleak for this little experiment. That really saps the creativity. At some point though I need to find a way to get that mojo back and feel creative again.

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