Nice Catch!

A Great Blue Heron Gets A Meal

This morning I was finally back at the Celery Bog for a walk. I spent a lot of the day just failing because I am so rusty. It is not easy to put a bird in your viewfinder. When you have not been doing it for a while it is nearly impossible. At 900mm or so they can fly out of there very quickly. By the end of the day I was back at it though without too many mistakes. It is amazing how quickly things can go away when you quite using them. The good news about a heron is that it is big enough that even a rusty photographer can make a photo of it. They are always good for a confidence boost.

Patience Is The Key

I watched this bird for about an hour and a half before it finally grabbed a meal. I had a great spot to stand which was one foot on the shore of the bog, and the other resting on a log out in the bog. This allowed me to get an angle on the bird, but wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in. A downed tree in the way made it necessary though. By the time the bird grabbed this fish I was ready to have two feet back on land again. It was not comfortable, but totally worth it to make the picture. That is a long time to wait for a bird, but I have learned that you have to do that to make the photo. I had two photographers and a few people that walked over to see the bird and then left. It wasn’t doing anything. The key though is to wait until it does something.

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