Watching The Time Pass At Purdue

Obsessed With Time

Ever since this virus shut things down I have in a way become obsessed with time. I have tried to work it into my photos as much as I can. There are various ways to do that. Here I put a ND filter on my lens to allow me to have a longer shutter speed. It is weird to think just how long things have been shut down. Time is seemingly going super fast and slow at the same time. It seems like things are going slow, but then you look at the calendar, and you realize that another month has gone by.

The Lee Big Stopper

This was one of those purchases that I made because of Google+. I saw so many photographers on there using it and making amazing images. Of course you have to have the right situation, but this has been a constant in my bag ever since. I really miss that Google+ community. Since that platform shut down I have been looking for a group online somewhere that had that same feel. I have not found it.

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