Better Full Than Empty

Ross Ade Stadium At Sunset

Tuesday night I went up to campus to make some photos. It was a long day knowing that my fall schedule was suddenly very empty. Honestly you could see this coming, but the optimist in me always thought that maybe a miracle could happen. Of course it didn’t and here we are. At least that day I ended up with some photos that I liked from the bad day.

Turning The Lights On

I have really wanted to make a photo of the back of the new scoreboard lit up. For some reason though it has been lit every night with the UM at the end of stadium dark. This drives the photographer in me crazy. I would love to make photos of it, but I don’t want to show it out of order. I wish that they would just shut the lights off until the problem is fixed. Here though I liked how everything looked so I turned the lights on in Lightroom so that I could post the photo.

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