More With Loeb Fountain

Another Loeb Fountain Photo

This is another photo from our fountain run a couple of weeks ago. I have been back at sunset a few nights to make a photo then, but the fountain has not been on. They have had it on a weird schedule since it came back on. With more bodies on campus now it will be harder to make these kinds of photos without a ton of people in the frame. I may have to break out the ND filter to help me out there.

In A Funk

For the last week or so I have really not been feeling very creative. It is the same kind of funk I was in just after everything was cancelled in March. I think that the same thing is happening right now, but just at a much slower pace than in March. In March everything seemed to happen in a two day span. This time it is happening at a painstakingly slow pace. The little bit of depression knowing that it will be a long time before I photograph sports again has bled into my other photography a bit. I need a great sunset or storm to snap me out of this.

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