Sunset And The Purdue Clock Tower

Another Sunset Photo At The Purdue Clock Tower

Since the start of this time without sports I have made many photos from many different angles of the Purdue clock tower. It is the most recognizable feature of campus so it makes sense that I gravitate towards it. I like to capture photos that are not so obvious, but with my income right now mainly coming from print sales I have to also try and make photos that I know will sell. The fun part is coming up with new ways to show off these parts of campus that I see everyday.

Turning It Around

Both of the photos in this post were made at the same time from the same spot. It is always fun trying to make a different looking photo without even moving. I just swung my camera ninety degrees to get the photo that you see here. I kind of like both of these photos. For some reason though the photo at the top of the post is my favorite. Which one do you like the best?

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