30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #26 Lincecum Under The Full Moon

Pitching Under The Full Moon

There are many things that made my trip to see a game at AT&T Park a cool one. One of them was the full moon rising as I made my wide angle photos. After I made the wide angle photo that showed up on my countdown of stadiums last month here I went back down to my seat. I made this photo of Tim Lincecum pitching as the moon came up over the stadium. This was one of my favorite photos from that game.

Going Wider

On sports forums I always see comments that every photo must be cropped. A photo like this would get crucified on a forum. I like to make photos that show a sense of place. When Sports Illustrated was a thing the table of contents page and leading off were always scene setter photos. I am not saying that this photo is up there with those, but it was made with that kind of idea in mind. Don’t be afraid to pull out from the action occasionally.

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