#SocialDistancing With John Purdue

Taking The Social Distancing Rules Seriously

I knew that this photo session was going to be interesting. My client John was really nervous about doing it. I told him that I would bring a longer lens so that I could stay further away from him. He still was not too cool with the session, and would not take his mask off no matter what. When I tried to coerce him to take it off he just stopped talking altogether and locked up like a statue. I normally do a good job of making my clients feel at ease, but maybe this was a forced photo session.

Looking Very Lonely

From this angle it looks like John Purdue is very lonely. He normally has some people near him, but on this day it was just him all alone. A storm approaching may have been the cause of some of it, but I think that the fact that almost nobody is on campus is probably a bigger reason. It has been really crazy going for my walks this last couple of weeks. Campus is nearly empty, and it should be full of students. Parking is always available, and it really seems as if I have the place to myself. That is great for photography, but many people are suffering to make that possible. This statue is a good reminder of what is going on right now. At some point in the future I will look back at the images from this crazy time and hopefully know that it was all worth it.

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