More With The Bald Eagles Of The Wabash

Snowy Bald Eagle Photos!

Yesterday I posted photos from a fun walk through a snowy downtown Lafayette. While I was downtown the snow let up so I started back home. I saw some eagles perched near the Wabash River so I decided to try and make some photos. I was lucky that an eagle made a couple of passes near me so that I could make some snowy eagle photos. My whole eagle obsession was started by Michael Heinz of the Journal and Courier making eagle photos in the snow. It is fitting that I am still obsessed with these photos.

Practice! We Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice!

While I was waiting for the eagles to move some gulls came flying in. I was using them as practice to get warmed up for some bird in flight photos. It makes it easier and much less of a pain when the eagles take flight if you have already been making bird in flight photos. Above are a few of my favorite gull photos from the trip.

Eagles In The Snow

This might be my favorite thing to photograph. I don’t get to see it very often though so I am glad that I was able to get out and make a few photos on this day. It still amazes me just how many bald eagles make their home here on the river. I am still hunting for that great eagle in the snow photo, but that is what makes the chase for it so much fun. If photographing eagles was an easy endeavor then it wouldn’t be so much fun.

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