#Snokeh On The Campus Of Purdue

Getting A Second Chance To Make Some #Snokeh Photos At Purdue

Yesterday I was busy in the morning when the snow was perfect to make photos on the campus of Purdue. I was going crazy knowing that I could be out there making photos. By the time that I could get away to make photos the snow was more of a rain than anything else. In the afternoon though I was given a second chance. I already had my gear ready so I hopped in the car and made my way to campus. I am glad that I did because even though it was only about a half an hour I had a great window for perfect snow.

What Is Snokeh?

Snokeh is a term that means snow bokeh. I first found out about this completely by accident the first winter that I had a dSLR. It was 2006 and I had a Canon Rebel. I was making some pictures of the snow coming down outside of my parents house and the pop up flash kept firing. I didn’t want it to, but I was on manual so it was. When I saw the photos on my computer I realized that I should have been trying to make that happen. The flash really brought the snowflakes out of focus in then foreground to life. Ever since then I really prefer this way to make snowy photos. It is actually pretty easy to do, and makes a normal snowy photo really look great.

Working The Photo

This might be my favorite photo from the outing. I was making a couple of photos of this newer building when I saw the Starship delivery vehicle moving towards me. I was actually on the other side of the building when that happened. I made a photo as it went by me, and then ran to get ahead of the robot. I quickly got into position and made a second photo. I am sure that I looked like a lunatic, but it was worth it for the photo.

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