Getting Low With The Double Crested Cormorant At The Celery Bog

Up Close With the Double Crested Cormorant

Thursday afternoon I was back out at the Celery Bog with no real expectations. The light was not the best, and it was started to rain down ice pellets. I still went for my walk though as that is the real purpose of my visits. I saw this double crested cormorant hanging out by the only open water left at the bog. I normally can’t get this close to this bird so I took advantage of the moment nature provided me.

The Importance Of Getting Low

With the cormorant swimming back and forth in front of me I decided to have a little fun. I was spending most of my time down on the ice making photos. I had started on my knees and I had the thought of how differently those photos looked. I decided to make a series showing just how important getting low can be. The series above shows a photo from the standing position, then kneeling, and finally from right at ice level. It is amazing just how much moving down a few feet can change an image. When standing the background is very busy with some canadian geese in the background. When kneeling that background becomes much easier on the eyes. When at ice level the background becomes an amazing blur. It really cleans things up and makes you subject the ultimate focus of the photo. It is not always easy to get this low, but when you can it is completely worth it.

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