My Backyard Birds: The Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren Poses For Me

I have a chair by a window where I can read and enjoy whatever sounds are coming from the backyard. One day I heard a familiar call, and I looked out to see a Carolina Wren posing nicely on the entrance to the yard. These are the moments when having a yard set up for photography can come in handy. I ran quickly across the house to grab my camera. Lucky for me the bird was still in the same spot when I got back with my camera.

Running Like A Fool

when these moments happen I am sure that it makes some at my house shake their head. I am sitting quietly reading, and then I leap up and run out of the room. Actually they are used to it by now so I don’t even think it phases anyone. In this instance I ran to grab my camera remembering to put a memory card in it on my way back to the window. With that done I had to get back in front of the window without drawing attention to myself. Then comes the agonizing task of lifting the window up. I tried to time the little lifts with the birds calls in the other direction. With the window up I was finally able to make a couple of photos. In this case it all worked out. Normally when I get back the bird is gone. If the bird is still there I rarely get the window up without it flying away. Here I really got lucky.

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