Snow On The Campus Of Purdue University

Snow Falls At The Gateway Arch Of Purdue

Last night at about nine o’clock we walked up to the gateway arch at Purdue and the snow just started coming down. We never expected it, but it was an amazing development. I started making pictures and we decided to head to the car in case this snow picked up even more. Just as quickly as it started it stopped. It made for a good photo though.

Making Snow In Photoshop

If you read that first paragraph and wondered how it could snow at 44 degrees then you know that I had to do something crazy to get the snow into the photo. The original was nice, but around Christmas you always want snow. Mother nature is not going to cooperate this year so I decided to use a couple of snow brushes in Lightroom to make the snow. I really never add anything to my photos. The most that I do is to take out objects in photos that distract you. Every year around Christmas though I find myself adding a little snow into some of my photos. If the weather keeps going this way this is the only way that I will see snow around Christmas anymore.

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