Some Days You Are Hot…And Then There Was Yesterday

Finding A Good Photo When None Are To Be Had

Yesterday I talked about how a bad feeling early turned into a good day in my post. As that post was going live I was actually already out in the field trying again…and having that same bad feeling. This time things really did not pick up. Some days at the Celery Bog there doesn’t seem to be much going on. I always think of it comically like I am just missing everything. As soon as I walk away the woods comes to life behind me. The good news is that I explore more when I can’t find anything so I got a pretty good walk in yesterday. The bad news is that I didn’t make that many photos. I saw a lot of birds, but with the bad sky anything above tree level just wasn’t working. While seeing a bird is a cool thing what really gets my adrenaline going is making a nice photo of anything. When I walk out of the woods without getting that feeling I feel like I have wasted my time. We all know that isn’t the case, but that is what it feels like. As this post goes live I will already be back out at the Celery Bog. I don’t know how they predict such things, but this should be a good day for birding. The bird levels look to be as high as they can be. Maybe I will have a better story tomorrow.

More With The Green Heron

After not seeing this heron for a year or so I keep bumping into it. I see how I could have overlooked it in the past so it doesn’t surprise me that I missed it. This heron is a very good hunter. I watch the blue herons fish, and they miss more than they get. This green heron that I have been watching is very skilled at their job. I have not seen a miss yet.

Clean Your Sensor!

I swear this bird is looking directly at the sensor dust on my Sony A9’s sensor. If the birds have spotted it I bet that other people have too. I guess it is time to clean the thing.

When The Light Falls Just Right

Here the light fell perfectly on this Tufted Titmouse eating in a bush. This was a lucky break because this photographer blew a great picture of the bird on a branch with some great light just before this. Sometimes you have your bird in the frame, everything is perfect, and for some reason you hit the focus button one more time. More often than not the focus locks on and you have a good photo. Here the focus must have hit my sensor dust because it couldn’t have been more off.

Come Walk With Me

On October 5th I am leading a photowalk on the campus of Purdue University. The walk is very informal. It is just a chance for a bunch of photographers to get together to make some images. All skill levels are welcome. Bring whatever you make photos with. You can read more about the walk by going here. Some new and exciting news about the walk is that it now has a sponsor. Camera Outfitters is giving away an 8×10 print to every walker as well as a $25 dollar gift card to one lucky walker. I have also added a $10 gift card to Kathie’s Kandies in downtown Lafayette, as well as a Walt’s Pub gift card. I am working on some other prizes for the walk as well.

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