West Lafayette Football At Lafayette Jefferson

My Head Is Still Spinning

Last night I watched a high school football game between two teams that scored 140 total points. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything like it. It was amazing watching these two offenses march up and down the field. At one point I had the idea of covering both teams to make a photo story. At some point though I started to get tired making my way up and down the field. I stayed on the West Lafayette end of the field for the end of the game. In the end West Side lost by eight, but they never gave up even when they were down 18. They showed a lot of fight.

More Photos From The Game

Here is my full gallery from the game. There are a lot of photos in it, but there were a lot of points scored. Also as always you can click on any image in this post to go directly to that image in my gallery.

To Compress, Or Not To Compress

For this game I shot everything on my main camera (Sony A9 mounted on my 400mm lens) in compressed RAW mode. Shooting under the Friday night lights would be a good test to see if there was a huge difference. Using this mode with native glass would allow me to shoot at 22 FPS. That would be one huge bonus. Another would be a smaller file size. That would make importing the photo as well as archiving a little easier. To be honest I forgot that I even did this while editing the photos. That is a good thing in my mind. For a real test I need to make images using both modes at the same time of game I guess. Maybe that is a Friday down the line.

Good To Be Back Photographing Football

This is going to be a fun football season. I was very eager to photograph my first game. If they all have this kind of excitement than I am going to have a fun fall. Next week my college football season starts.

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