Diagon Alley At Blue Hour

Blue Hour In An Orange Village

I knew that Diagon Alley would look amazing at blue hour. All of the orange lights all over would look amazing against that blue sky. At one point we stopped and waited just long enough for a wizard to turn on the lights at the end of the alley to get the full effect. These are the little pictures that make the trip really fun. After this we went back on our way drinking butterbeer and doing some wizard shopping.

The Hidden Gems Of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

On this night we were out finding some of the hidden gems that they have put out for you to find in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You have all of the things right out there in the open for you to find, and then you have little gems hidden all over. Those are the things that show just how in depth this park really is. Little things like being able to use your wand to turn on the lights of the light shop are on the map. What isn’t is the little creatures on the 2nd floor of the creature shop just to our right here. This place is done so right.

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