Lightning Crashes

When Storms Roll In On Vacation

Two nights in a row on our vacation last week storms rolled in. I was caught in the first while shooting a baseball game. I was moving faster than the storm coming home so I got to see it a second time. The second storm rolled in much quicker than the first, and I was already in our condo which was on the 8th floor. I love watching storms, and living in a cul de sac in the city I don’t get to see many of them do so. Here I watched the entire thing with my camera on the deck documenting it. You don’t always want to see storms on vacation, but later at night when you can watch them they are not so bad.

Putting It All Together

The photo above is actually a composite of three different strikes. I don’t do a lot of composites, and my first couple attempts were terrible. Then I found one button in Photoshop that did it all for me. The hour that I wasted trying to paint in the lightning really was wasted. A good photographer should know Photoshop much better than I do. Now I know a new trick though.

The Week In Photos

This week my Exposure post is the new version of looking at slides. If you want to see some slides from my vacation you can click here.

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