Sunrise With Mr. Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln Stands Tall

One thing that I didn’t expect to find in Cincinnati was a statue of Abraham Lincoln. When I researched it a little I thought that it was cool that another President helped commemorate the statue. William Howard Taft was on hand to give the dedication speech. His father is the one who commissioned the statue. Pretty cool to see how two Presidents who only existed on this earth for a short time together could come together this way.

The Starburst Of The 11-24

I love the way that the starburst looks on the 11-24mm lens. I don’t photograph a a low aperture to get the burst too often though because of the nature of the lens. It gives you the great starburst, but with that also comes a lot of lens flare. If you can figure get in the right situation though it is amazing. I think it is the one thing that makes this shot though.

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