Not Bogged Down

Another Day At The Celery Bog

I will really need to be more creative if I keep going to the Celery Bog. I feel like I have come up with so many names for posts about my walks there that I just end up repeating myself now. I can only say Spring Day At The Celery Bog so many times. It is a fun place to get a walk in though. I can go out for about four hours and not worry about Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. Just like the week before I made a photo of a tree swallow right out of the car that I really liked. It makes the rest of the walk better when you know that you already have something good in the can. These swallows are everywhere, and they really don’t mind you being too close to them. When these buds on the trees open these photos have a chance to be even more dynamic.

A Close Up View

For a lot of the winter I watched many white-fronted geese from far away. I wanted a closer look, but could not get one. On Tuesday I was able to walk right up to one of these birds that stayed behind. I really wanted to walk around it to get to the backside of the pond so I just kept slowly walking to get around it. It really did not seem concerned about me as it kept eating. I paused to make a couple of photos because why not? After waiting a couple of months I finally got my close up.

A Little Yoga

I didn’t know that birds did yoga, but watching this coot made me wonder. It was just sitting there stretching it out. I normally don’t make many coot photos, but maybe this was the plan of the bird. If it did something different I would notice it. If that was its plan it worked. I think these birds are smarter than me sometimes.

Turtles On A Log

Pretty soon this will be a tired concept. At this point of the spring though after not seeing the turtles for a few months it is nice to see them again. On Tuesday there were hundreds of turtles getting some much needed sun.

Heading Out For A Walk

I really do have fun on these little walks. I get the same feeling that I do when I make a good sports photo when I nail a bird photo. I don’t know that I am the best birder, but I do enjoy the challenge of capturing the little birds. The margin for error is so small that it really is not an easy thing to do. I would like to think that this makes my sports photos better too.

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