A Beautiful Day For Softball

A Beautiful Day For Spring Sports

Saturday was just an amazing day to photograph sports. The weather was perfect. Bittinger Stadium like Folk Field next to it just seems to be made for amazing photos. I seem to find myself making landscape photos in the middle of a ballgame. The one above from centerfield is one such photo.

More Fun Pregame

I think that I am quickly running out of pregame ideas with this team. I try not to get in the way of game prep too much, but it is fun trying to find new ways to give a perspective on how these athletes get ready.

The Week In Photos

Last week had a lot of sports in it. That is a good thing this time of year. As a freelancer you never know what you will be doing next. This week kind of proved that. Next week will be a bit more diverse which is always fun. Here are my favorite photos from last week.

Behind The Pitcher

This is a photo that I have seen done a few times, but why not try it at Purdue? I love the idea of getting a shot of the pitcher with the stadium as the backdrop. It is a different way to show off the pitcher, and one I may use again.

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