Photographing Purdue Softball

Photographing A Purdue Softball Doubleheader

This past weekend I was lucky enough to photograph three Purdue softball games. When I first started photographing softball I did so because it was similar to baseball. What I quickly realized is that it is really nothing like baseball once you get past the few things that remind you of baseball. It is a super fast emotion game that is really fun to photograph. Three games in two days allows you to get honed in a little and make some nice images.

Having Fun Before The Game

My favorite time to photograph might just be pregame anymore. You can get in an get some good stuff that you don’t see everyday. I always try and stay out of the way so that I don’t interfere with game prep, but no matter how good you are you still can get in the way. Before the games Saturday the team was roughing up the softballs. I knew that it would make for a good photo, but I couldn’t find a clear angle. Then Jenny Behan came to help, and moved into a perfect position. It was one of my favorite photos of the game made well before the game.

A Great Combination

I took my 400mm lens to the park on Friday thinking that I wouldn’t use it so much. I thought that most of my work would be done with my 70-200mm lens on a crop body. Of course I really used the 400 all weekend. I loved how it got me right into the action. It is also good for getting shots from the outfield into the plate. With a tele it is even better. Here is my setup for most of the weekend. I had my Canon 1DX mounted on the 400mm lens. During pregame I mounted my 24-105mm lens on the 1DX. On my side the entire time was the 70-200mm lens on attached to the Canon 7D Mark II. As the season goes on I may switch things up a bit for different looks, but if I had one game to shoot and one combo to pick it would be this one. I think that for baseball my 600mm lens might just take the place of the 400 in the same combo.

The Play At The Plate

I will move to a location behind the plate so that the runner will be coming right to me if I want to catch the offense scoring. If I anticipate a defensive play at the plate I will move further down the 3rd base line to capture that. Here I was in position for the play when it came to me. I was actually on the runner at second with my 400mm lens which you can see at the top of the frame. When she rounded third I switched over to my 70-200mm lens to capture the play at home. This gives me a better shot at whatever happens at the plate. It worked very well here.

More Photos From The Game

I put together an Exposure page for both games of this doubleheader over on the Purdue Exposure site here. I was able to shoot for Purdue a lot this past week which is always a good thing.

The Week In Photos

Last week was full of a couple of new sports for the year. I had not yet photographed softball, tennis, or roller derby. Add in baseball on Wednesday, and it was a good week for me. You can see my favorite photos from last week by clicking here.

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