Thinking Of Warm Days At Daytona

Warm Days At Daytona Beach

It is hard to believe but it has been ten days since my trip to Daytona to watch the Daytona 500. It was a fun weekend watching racing, but I also enjoyed the time away from the track. This was the first time that I had my feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Of course since I met my wife I have been in the Atlantic every year, but this was a big trip for me at the time. I love this pier and the way that it just said beach to me. I don’t think that I have ever posted this anywhere before for some reason. Looking back over my old photos I realized that it had some potential and that I should let some people see it.

An OCD Nightmare

I think one reason why this was never posted before is the fact that I couldn’t find the orientation for the photo. At the time I don’t know what I used for my straight line, but it was not right. I tried a few times over the years to use the straighten tools in Lightroom to fix this photo. Of course it always looked worse when I was done. What I found was that I just needed to see where my eye went first and make sure that was straight. Everything else can just be what it is.

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