Purdue Basketball Defeats Michigan State

Purdue Basketball Takes Down #6 Michigan State

Sunday afternoon I did not have much time to hang out at the Purdue game against Michigan State, but I was not going to miss the game entirely. One of my favorite games every year is the t-shirt game. It is always well done, and Mackey looks amazing. There was something about the design this year though that made a nice little optical illusion. When I came out of the tunnel the fans looked so much closer to the action than normal. That might have affected Michigan State as they started off slow. Purdue rode that slow start to the win.

A Tale Of Two Stitches

After taking the time to combine three exposures together for seven shots and then stitching those HDR photos into a pano for the Sunday picture of the day I found out that Lightroom could all do this in one stroke if I just would update the thing. I was very eager to try out the new feature so I made a point to try a couple of more panoramas. Above you can see the result from two attempts at the game. The shot of the tip off was my first attempt. Lightroom really struggled with getting the photos all together. I had over 50GB of space available, and it used all of it nearly crashing my computer in the process. In the end it couldn’t render the photo. I had to combine all of the HDR images manually and then use the pano feature to make it. The anthem shot at the top though the program rendered just fine all in one click. That is definitely easier if I have the space on the hard drive to run it. It is amazing how it did it, but it appears that I kept the dynamic range after the pano was made which was always my knock in the past. You would lose all of your dynamic range after putting the pano together. This could not have been easy to program, but it is a great new addition to Lightroom.

The Week In Photos

Of course this was a great way to cap off my week in photos. I was not there for the whole game, but for the first half when I was there Mackey was rocking. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

More Photos From The Game

I am credited on this gallery for the game, but I was a very small part of it. There were a lot of people on the scene, and they did an amazing job documenting this game. Every time that I am credited on these galleries it gives me great pride to know that I am a small part of this great team. Purdue is doing some great things, and it is super cool to be a part of that. You can see the full gallery from the game here.

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