Purdue Men’s Basketball Defeats Indiana

I Love What I Do

Let me just start off by saying how lucky I am to do what I do. Yesterday was so much fun. As they were playing the pregame video highlighting the history of the series I actually had goosebumps. To be there as part of the team to cover the game was amazing. The last time that I saw these two teams play Purdue came away with the win and the Big Ten Championship. It is hard to believe, but the atmosphere seemed even better pregame for the game yesterday. Not everyone gets to live out their dreams, but I am doing it right now. I think about that every time that I set foot on the court at Mackey. Days like yesterday are the reason why.

The Paint Crew

Part of the reason the atmosphere is so great is the Paint Crew. They really bring it every game. I was not at the game Tuesday so this was my first chance to see a game with the Paint Crew after the break. I spent the first half of the game sort of embedded with them, and it was so much fun. They are the energy that makes Mackey so hard to play in.

The Black Out

I love the black out games. For starters I get to photograph the Boilers in their ‘away’ uniforms which I rarely get to do. The second reason is that I love the background of my photos when the crowd has on all black. I think every game should be a black out except for one. That game is coming up next Sunday. I love the annual t-shirt game. I have no idea what they have planned, but it always ends up looking great. It is one of my favorite games of the year to make wide shots inside of Mackey Arena.

When The Remote Works

In the second half of the game I had my normal seat off to the side of the court. At the half I was debating which lens to take out with me because I wanted to go wide. I ended up just grabbing my remote from the night before and taking it out. It had my old 5D Mark III on it with my Canon 17-40mm lens. I ended up giving me the exact frame that I wanted. I had it between my legs as I made photos so that if something big happened I would have two shots from two different focal lengths. Above you can see how that worked out for me as Matt Haarms throws down a monster dunk in the second half.

More Photos From The Game

As I mentioned above I was a small part of an amazing team making images yesterday. They really knocked it out of the park, and I would put this gallery up against any other school as far as game coverage goes. When you experience gameday at Mackey you can see all of the ways that I think Purdue is out there leading. From the pregame light show to the post game photos and video they are constantly showing that they want to be the best. It is really amazing to be a part of. You can see our full gallery from the game here.

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