A Walk In The Snow/Rain

John Wooden Needs A Coat

The uniforms from the 30’s in basketball did not cover much. On a cold day like yesterday they really leave a lot of skin exposed. I always think that John Wooden needs a coat as I walk by this statue at Mackey Arena. This was part of what could have been an awesome photowalk, but the conditions changed too fast. When I saw the awesome snow Thursday morning I checked the forecast. It said that it would keep snowing until around 11 when it would change to rain. I quickly got my daughter to school and then headed to campus. Right as I got within sight of Ross Ade Stadium the snow changed to rain. I still parked and walked a bit knowing that it could change back, but it never did. Photography is a lot about luck. I talk about that a lot on this blog. Sometimes the luck breaks in your favor, and sometimes it does not. This was one of those times where luck was not on my side. That is okay though. It makes the times when everything works in your favor that much better.

More Bronze Please

One of the great additions near Mackey Arena has been this statue of John Wooden. I love that Purdue has started to honor their greats this way. I have talked on this blog before about the joint Tiller and Brees statue that needs to be put up at Ross Ade Stadium. The classic Tom Campbell photo could be the inspiration for it. That is an amazing moment at Purdue that might never happen again. Now the Rose Bowl is not what it was then. It is the consolation for not making it into the playoff or it is part of the playoff. I don’t remember players with roses the last few years. Brees and Tiller in that moment after beating Indiana to clinch the Rose Bowl is iconic. That is a moment in Purdue history that would look great in bronze. I need to figure out how to get this going. It would be great to see Arnette here as they unveil the statue.

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