Top 18 Soccer Photos Of 2018

My Eighteen Favorite Soccer Images Of 2018

This was a fun soccer year for me. I shot way more soccer than I had in the past. I saw some great games, and despite my best efforts managed to make some photos that I really liked. Here are my 18 favorite photos from this past year.

18. Senior day is just fun. These little moments are why. You get to see a little more of who the players are. For that reason I will  start the countdown with this photo.

17. I only shot for a couple of opponents this season. Eastern Michigan was one of them. I loved this little routine they went through during the National Anthem. I thought that it made for a nice frame.

16. For the last couple of years I covered Katie Wells at Indiana State. This season I was not able to as she set records, but I did get to see her during the first exhibition game. She really was a game changer at ISU.

15. On senior day at Harrison both West Lafayette and the Raiders really put on a show early. The emotion was high as it would be with the schools so close, and with each goal came a nice celebration. Here West Side celebrates taking the lead over their county rival.

14. I made this frame early in the season. I just liked the look here as everything seemed to come together for me. The BIG sign in the background just completes the frame for me.

13. In that same Harrison game against West Side that I just talked about Harrison had some nice moments too. Here they take the lead early in some great light. Almost any shot would have been nice in that light, but a little jube is even better.

12. Another Harrison photo, but this time from an early season match. I have always liked this photo, and I don’t know why. I think it is because it reminds me of the early newspaper photos that I used to see.

11. A nice header with the BIG sign in the background again. The Hammer Down Cancer shirts make for a nice touch as well.

10. Of course we are going to have a Folk Field sunset on this countdown. I made this photo as the sun was setting during the first exhibition match against Indiana State. I love Folk Field sunsets, and this was a great way to start the season.

9. When I started in sports photography everything that I read and watched said to keep all signage out of the background. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t care what others say. I love a good sign in my background. The logos at Purdue I think add to the photos. Here the BIG logo gives you a little sense of place. I may be wrong in including them, but I always like my photos more if they are there.

8. Here was a great kick from the second exhibition game of the year. I love the moment, and even the Purdue sign in the background. Early on this season I seemed to be on a roll making nice action pictures.

7. I really lucked into this picture. I was covering volleyball down the road when I saw that Purdue was still playing Indiana. As they went to overtime I was done with my work so I drove down the street. I got there just in time to see Purdue take the win and the Golden Boot. This was the celebration after the penalty kick that won the game.

6. Shooting for Northwestern this year was fun. This was my favorite moment from those shoots. I just liked the little look into the player before introductions.

5. Another Fold Field sunset shot. Here there is a bit of action in the frame as well. I really love the layout of this field, and what it means for my photography.

4. Here is a bit of a lesson in a frame. I always try and get closer and closer to the action. Sometimes by pulling back and getting the background you can add to your frame and your overall game story. I need to do more of this next season.

3. The Purdue soccer team wore T2 on their wrists for Tyler Trent this season. Tyler had just had another bad diagnosis and was leaving school. We all know how much more he would inspire us after that, but this moment was one that I wanted to capture. He meant so much to so many not only at Purdue, but across the country.

2. This photo would be #1 in any other year I think. The hands reaching up to get a touch on the Golden Boot. I wanted to do this for every sport with a trophy against IU, but for some reason decided to go with a short lens for football. I like this timelessness of this photo.

  1. Of course my daughter is #1. I did not get paid to make this photo, but it was my favorite of the year. She was having fun playing soccer at Purdue on Folk Field. I can’t think of many things that I love more.

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