The Fenwick Island Lighthouse

A Look Back At The Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Just over the Delaware border from Ocean City is a town called Fenwick Island. The have a cool old lighthouse that is very easy to get to. During one of our trips out east I decided to pay this little lighthouse a visit. At the time I thought that there was too much around it to make a good photo. Power lines and other houses seemed to be in the way of anything great. I did find a couple of angles though. This was an outtake from that trip. Looking back at the photo I don’t know why. It is simple, but that is what makes it fun.

A Powerful Combo

For the longest time my main photography setup was my Canon 60D and my Canon 24-70mm lens. For many years this was all that I really had. Whenever I think that I can’t make a photo because of the gear that I have I remember how I used to make photos with that setup. The camera really doesn’t matter too much for landscape stuff.

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