Purdue Women’s Basketball Defeats Loyola

Purdue Takes Down Loyola On A Fun Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I was back in Mackey Arena making photos of the Purdue women’s basketball team as they took on Loyola. This team has some amazing pieces on it. When they all play together well things can be very good for them. It will be fun this year to be along for the ride as they figure that out. They have weapons all over the place that can be scary for a lot of teams. Sunday was one of those days. You can see the young part of the team come out at times, but you could also see the scary potential of the team. Just three more games remain before the Big Ten season starts. The next game for Purdue will be a tough one though as the defending National Champions come to town.

Meeting Santa Pete

Before the game Purdue Pete was dressed up as Santa Claus taking photos with fans. This is always a fun place to go and look for photos. When building a photo story these little moments are a great way to start things off. Part of the fun of making photos this year is finding the little moments that happen before and after the games that are just as much of the experience as the game.

The Week In Photos

This past week was an interesting one. I made swimming and basketball photos on the sports side, and it seemed like Christmas really came to the forefront the rest of the week. Of course there are a few bird photos sprinkled in here as well. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

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