Purdue Volleyball Beats Indiana

Purdue Volleyball Wins A Hard Fought Five Set Match Against Indiana

Wednesday night I was so close to Bloomington that it made sense to head down and see Purdue take on Indiana. I could watch this matchup in any sport, and I usually try not to miss it. I was hoping to see the match in the new gym, but it would have to be one last match in University Gym this year. Purdue was in for a test with a loud, senior day crowd. They passed that test by coming out and playing a furious fifth set to get the win. In the Big Ten a win is a win, and this was one that may help the team host an NCAA Tournament game.

One Last Time In University Gym

I can get sappy about arenas that I have shot in a lot. For some reason I have shot more matches in University Gym than any place other than Purdue. This is a dark gym that I will be glad to see become whatever it now will become. I have seen some great matches though, and watching Purdue close the place out with a win was well worth it. I would like to shoot in the new gym next year though just to see what it is like.

The Week In Photos

At some point things will slow down, and I can quit talking about how much fun I had the previous week. Here though once again I had a blast making photos last week. With all of the holiday fun and a couple of trips to Bloomington and coming back with victories it was fun. Our Elf On The Shelf Nobow makes a return to the weekly roundup of photos as well. You can view my favorite photos from last week here.

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