A Fall Walk Through The Miami Whitewater Forest

Stretching The Legs On A Road Trip

Just before I got to Cincinnati I stopped off at the Miami Whitewater Forest to go for a walk. Of course with me a walk also includes my 600mm lens on a crop body with a tele on it. I really did not come away with any great photos from the walk. I did have a good walk though. I saw many species from afar, and had a wildlife encounter that I have never had before. A little red fox come out of the forest right onto the trail in front of me. I think we were both equally startled, and after about five seconds of both of us staring at each other it went right back in to where it came from. With my lens I was far too close to have even made a picture, but I don’t think I had the time to do so anyway. It was a cool moment that I just was able to take in for myself. These little walks are a great way to clear your head before a big event. With a little time on my side I was glad that I was able to make it happen.

Things I Thought Were Owls (Ohio Edition)

This week we get two editions of my weekly look at things that I thought were owls in the woods. When you are on a big 0-fer with the owls everything starts to look like owls. As I have said previously though from a distance these things can be deceiving, but up close with my camera you see what they really look like. Some of the ways that bark can grow though looks surprisingly like an owl. Anyway here are some photos that I should probably never show you.

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