An Eastern Bluebird At The Celery Bog

Discoveries Everywhere

I have spent the last few weeks walking around the Celery Bog and mumbling to myself like Milton from Office Space looking for the hole where the Screech Owl lives. Yesterday I found that hole! Of course it was midday by the time that I found it so the owl was nowhere to be seen. I looked over to my left, and an Eastern Bluebird was just hanging out in a tree next to me. Sometimes you are just showered with amazingness. It was even in a cool pose. I guess it wanted to be on the blog. I made my photos so I could give the bird their wish and put them on the blog.

Things That Look Like Owls

Since I still have seen no owls I can keep posting these photos of all of the things that I find in the woods that I think are owls. Owls are amazing in the fact that they blend in so well. They look like things that you see everywhere in the woods. Some of these things look nothing like an owl through the lens. With my eye though walking through the woods they do. I just think that this is a fun way to show that you don’t always go right into the woods and make your photo. One of these days I will point my camera up to make one of these funny photos and be shocked that it is an actual owl.

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