What Are You Looking At?

When The Cardinal Thinks That The Photoshoot Is Over

One Sunday night after working in the yard I rewarded myself with some time sitting down in a patio chair while the sun was going down. This cardinal was hanging out in the top of our tree, and I started making some photos of him. Of course he heard my shutter clicking so he turned to see what I was doing. I loved the look of this photo right away.

The Ten Minute Rule

I always play around with a rule that I call the ten minute rule. When I first walked out with my drink to sit in a chair all of the birds flew away from where I was. If you just sit there for about ten minutes things will return to normal. You become part of the backyard instead of a new object. This philosophy works all over as well. When I am making people pictures where they are working I usually make some images right away, but they are always forced. After about ten minutes with the subject they get back into their work routine, and they forget that you are there. That is when you make the photos that you will use.

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