Harrison Soccer Senior Night Against West Lafayette

Harrison and West Lafayette Play A Spirited Match On Senior Night

Last night I was down at the ‘House of Clouse’ to watch what turned out to be a very good soccer match on senior night. I live near both schools and I have reasons that I could see myself rooting for both of them. Last night though I stayed in the middle and just shot both sides as the action presented itself. Early on the action was great on both sides so I was rewarded by staying in the middle. The celebrations turned back my way, and I was very lucky.

Senior Night Fun

Senior night is always a good night to make some interesting pictures. I like the player tunnel that Harrison makes so that the seniors have a cool entrance onto the field. These Harrison seniors have done a lot at the school, and it was great to see them get a great send off.

When To Go Wide

At one point of the match the sky was pretty cool behind the players. As the action came to me I would switch quickly to my second camera at my side. I liked the idea of having some of these wide shots to help tell the story. The action here seemed to really work out to make a nice photo.

The Celebrations

Sometimes in high school soccer I have found that the celebrations have been lacking. Maybe I just don’t cover enough games to see the good ones. Last night though I don’t know if it is the rivalry or what, but the celebrations were great. In this post I placed a couple of my favorite celebration shots from the night. You can see my full gallery by clicking here. The gallery is unlocked and you can download any photos that you wish.

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