Eastern Michigan Soccer At Purdue

Eastern Michigan Comes To Purdue

For the past several years I have followed Eastern Michigan from afar. Through an early Google+ Sports Photography group I met a student photographer there. That student is now doing great things for the Twins this summer. His name is Andrew Mascharka and you can find out more about him here. His Eastern Michigan team came to West Lafayette for the Purdue soccer home opener. That is weird for me to say because Purdue has already had two home matches this fall. Those were exhibition affairs though so it was finally time to play for real. Purdue came out firing and scored almost immediately in the game. If you got to your seat just a couple of minutes late then you missed it. They ended up taking the 3-0 victory to start their season off right.

A Change In Plans

For most of the week I thought that I would be photographing an American football game on Friday night. There was a big game just down the road from my house featuring two city teams that had not played each other in 60+ years. It turned out to be a great game, but I saw some hard hitting action as well. This soccer game seemed to really get physical. Both teams wanted it so bad that they were putting it all on the line. It was a fun game to watch for sure.

The Best Available Photo

When Purdue scored the first goal in the first minute I really had no picture to make for Eastern Michigan. I panned over and had some fun with the Purdue celebration. At times like this I could just not shoot anything, but with some cool jube going on why not make the photo?

Three For Three With Folk Field Sunsets This Year

This was my third game at Folk Field this year, and the third time that I saw a pretty amazing sunset. This time was a little different than the others. The sun went behind a huge storm cloud and gave it an interesting light. The sky was full of different colors that were pretty amazing. The only problem was no action was coming in front of me. All of the action seemed to be going to the other side of the pitch. By the time the action came near me the sky was not quite so cool, but still pretty cool. Sunsets at Folk Field never seem to disappoint.

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