Even Obstructed Views Are Good At Fenway

Batting Practice At Fenway Park

One bucket list item that I was able to partially cross off a couple of years ago was to see some action inside of Fenway Park. That action was the annual employee batting practice so it really probably doesn’t cross anything off of the list. I did have fun getting a tour of the park though. For years I have been saying that I will catch a game at Fenway, but it has yet to happen. Eventually it will. I have built it up so much though that it can’t possibly compare to what I have in mind. It will still be cool though.

Could I Watch A Game Inside Of Fenway?

One thing that has taken my sports fandom down a bit over the last few years is the access issue. I really enjoy photographing games, and at Major League parks that is out of the question for me. I am not with the wires or part of the team so I would just sit in my seat and watch the game. I used to always keep score, but I have not scored a game in years. Maybe it would be therapeutic to just sit and watch a game for once. Then again I would probably have a wide angle on me in case there was a good sunset or something. You can’t totally shut off this monster.

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