Purdue In Miniature

A Miniature Purdue

While at the Union with my daughter a while back we had some fun looking at the miniature Purdue that they have in the main hall. It is fun to see just how the campus looks from overhead. We have flown over campus before on a plane, but this gives us some time to take it all in. Of course my daughter wanted to know where our house was, and we are just off the map. Who knew how big campus would grow?

Changing With The Times

Purdue really is always changing. It was fun to look at the miniatures and see what has been updated and what has not been. The Purdue softball field near the track is still there. I am sure that it is a big undertaking, and that as fast as things change it would be possible to keep it up to date. There is a part of me that wishes it was stuck in the late 90’s so that I could see campus how it was when I was here.

Discovering Purdue Again

This summer I have spent a little more time on the campus of Purdue University than I normally do. Part of that is to re-connect with the school. It sounds funny since I live in the same town as the campus. It is just a short trip down the road for me. This past year though it seems like I have been away from campus. In the spring the only sports that I seemed to shoot were for the other teams. This summer I have tried to go out and photograph a lot of the thing that make Purdue so cool to me. Days like the one above explaining the campus to my little one go a long way towards that goal.

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