Good Light On The Purdue Football Performance Complex

Another View Of The Purdue Football Performance Complex

A short walk to make some safety photos in case my big idea for the day didn’t pan out turned into a gold mine. I made a bunch of photos that I liked. It was a combination of factors that led to the photos. One was the great light as the sun was going down. The second is the amazing look that the sports facilities now have. It is amazing to think of just how much has changed since I attended my first football game in 1995. Heck this area has changed dramatically since I moved down here in 2011. The whole culture of Purdue Athletics has changed, and that is a good thing.

I Can Use A Different Lens

I made this picture with my Canon 24-105mm lens. Any other picture from the ground that day was made with my Canon 11-24mm lens. Here I wanted to get a little closer to the building though to get some of that great reflection. I do tend to use my Canon 11-24mm lens for a lot of my wide angle work, but the 24-105mm lens is probably my most used lens. Here having it in my bag allowed me to make this photo.

A Photo Never Made

Last year I had the bright idea to make a photo of this complex under construction with the team practicing in front of it. A drone shot from a safe distance. I already had the title of the blog post. It was simple, but ‘under construction’ I thought spoke to the building as well as the football team. Since that time the building has been finished and looks amazing. The football team worked on itself too, and they made and won a bowl game. I never had the time when the team was practicing to make my photo. It was a good idea though.

The Return Of Superman III

I know I say that I don’t use this preset often, but I actually kind of like it. It is way over the top, but that is what I like about it. Here it made this shot just pop.

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