Sunset In Ocean City, Maryland

A Beautiful Sunset In Ocean City, Maryland

The best sunset of our trip to Ocean City, Maryland was our first. We had just gotten to town, and we were unpacking our things as the sun was setting. I kept the slider open to our deck in our room as I got everything out of my bag to also keep an eye on the things happening outside of the room. I would periodically walk out with my camera and make an image. This was one of those times when the sky was changing fast so I make a lot of pictures because you never know when that peak color will show up. This was my favorite picture from that time. There was not enough time to go anywhere to make a picture, but I had a pretty good view as it turned out.

Using Aurora HDR 2018

I don’t use a lot of external programs to make HDR photos anymore. When this site started I ran everything through Photomatix. It has been while since I have even used Photomatix. Most of my HDR processing is now down in Lightroom. Every now and then though I take an image and run it through Aurora HDR. This is a powerful tool that allows me to apply changes to various parts of my photo. The addition of layers to HDR software is amazing. Here it allowed me to make a photo close to what I saw from our patio. I made many photos on vacation, and as of this writing this is the only one that I have used Aurora on. Most of the time Lightroom allows me to do what I need to do. Aurora is nice though when I have something else in mind.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week to make photos. A fun and colorful vacation followed by a cool concert. This is a rare edition of the week in photos without a single sports shot, but it is one that I am very happy with. You can view my favorite photos from the week here.

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