The Drone And The Storm

Taking The Quadcopter Up With A Storm Approaching

At the end of last week I had a couple of chances two days in a row to take the quadcopter up to photograph a storm approaching. On Thursday night I was not completely happy with my results. Something was missing from the photo. The Friday afternoon storm was coming in more from the North. I took the drone over to a spot where I could capture the storm approaching along with a small church down the road. I also like the way that the windmills are silhouetted in the background.

Han And Chewie

When I saw the movie Solo while in Ohio I was very inspired by the color choices that they made. I went back to the hotel and created a preset right away with that in mind. Of course I was going by memory a couple of hours after the movie, but I found something that I really liked. No matter what the movie inspired me to try something. I thought that it worked perfectly with this photo.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a slower week as far as sports go, but a fun week. Here are my favorite images from the week.

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