Top 18 Photos From The 2018 Indiana State Baseball Season

My Favorite 18 Photos From The 2018 Indiana State Baseball Season

This was a fun year covering the Sycamores. I shot more games than ever before in more venues than ever before. I have not followed a baseball team this close since the 2014 season. That year I shot nearly all of Purdue’s home games. This season I tried to spread out the Indiana State games that I covered because they played in some cool venues away from home as well. Below are eighteen of my favorite images from this past season.

18. You have to start with the three seniors. I was not supposed to even be at this game, but a break in the action at the conference track meet allowed me just enough time to run over to the baseball field to cover senior day. These three were key contributors to the season, and they will be missed next year.

17. I made this image during the first game of the year. I was excited for a warm, sunny day as well as baseball. I had keyed myself up with a baseball playlist during the entire trip down to Terre Haute. As the team broke their pregame huddle I was their with my camera.

16. During that first series of the year I also made this multiple exposure of Sycamores pitcher Ethan Larrison. I love Ethan’s motion for a multi-exposure so I got that out of the way during the first game of the season. The light also seemed perfect to do this right.

15. Baseball is full of close moments. This was a very close moment at the plate as Xavier came to town to face the Sycamores. As you can see the runner was out, but not by much. This is one of those times at Bob Warn Field when I wish that I could move a little more to my down the line than I can. This worked out for the best from my position though.

14. I love the motion of Sycamore pitcher Triston Polley. It photographs well from many different angles. As the draft approaches I have to wonder if I have seen Triston as a Sycamore for the last time. The junior had a lot of interest from teams in the stands during this season. If he does get drafted I will have to make sure to get out and see him professionally.

13. Up the middle is in good hands. Jarrod Watkins will have his time on the countdown. Right now it is time for shortstop Clay Duncan to get his shot. Here he makes a nice grab early in the season. Both of these middle defenders made some plays this season that make me ready to start up the 2019 campaign already.

12. Have you heard the story of outfielder CJ Huntley? If you have not you need to check out the great video that Luke Martin made here. I did not know the story of CJ when I made this photo, but after I heard about it I am glad that I did. Here he has some fun with his teammates before a game with Indiana.

11. Before the Indiana game in Bloomington I was having some fun making some photos of the players getting ready in their own ways. I liked this one best with the warming light on the blue jersey. I shot more games involving Indiana this year than I did Purdue. That has to be some sort of record for me.

10. I am not going to lie. This photo of Dalton Laney is one that I like, but his last name is also my nickname for my daughter. He is a player that I am always rooting for when he is in the game. Here he pitches against Purdue.

9. Jarrod Watkins gets his time on the countdown. here he makes a couple of diving plays. As I said before the middle infield is not a concern for the Sycamores. If you put your camera on one of those two guys something good is going to happen for you.

8. And just like that we stay in the middle of the infield. There is something that I liked about this tag play at Victory Field from the moment that I made the photo. A lot of dirt and effort are being put out there, but the runner is still out. The baby blue jerseys help this get in as well.

7. Early in the season I was playing around with freezing the ball for a while. One weekend was a time to really see what I could do with this. I have done it in the past, but I wanted a photo that I really liked. This was that photo. Senior Ethan Larrison lets the pitch go and the seams faced me. I also love that it looks like he is smiling as he throws.

6. I said earlier in the countdown that I love the motion of Triston Polley. Here is a multi-exposure showing that motion. Next year I need to move around the field trying this to see if there is a better angle of it.

5. You got to love emotion, and here the Sycamores give some love to CJ Huntley who just hit a big double against Xavier. The team came out of the dugout with senior Dane Giesler leading the charge.

4. I was not at senior day very long, but I did manage to make this shot of catcher Max Wright coming in from the bullpen. I love the way that it turned out. It was a quick thought that was also a good thought.

3. Senior Dane Giesler makes the countdown again. This is one conversation that I would have loved to have been privy to. Dane had just fouled a series of balls off of both the catcher and the umpire. It seemed like he was taking turns hitting each one over and over. At one point he could not contain his laughter, and that is when I made this photo.

2. I don’t know if I captured a bigger defensive play for the Sycamores this season than this one by Jake Means. A throw down to third from the catcher sailed high and wide. Jake made a great leaping play to catch the ball and save the run. That run in the ninth inning would have tied the game. The Sycamores went on to win the game, and this play made that possible. Purdue was a pretty darn good team this season, and you don’t want to give them extra chances to beat you.

  1. My favorite shot of the season is this walk off celebration shot against Xavier. Moments like this are why you shoot in the first place. This was the only Sycamore walk off that I saw this season, and I was in a good spot to capture the moment. I love that water has become a part of these things. It gives a little extra to the pictures.

Honorable Mention

Of course I couldn’t just stop at eighteen photos. For most of the season I have been wanting to photograph the father of senior Dane Giesler. As I was running off of the field after the senior ceremonies to cover track I made this portrait that I had in my mind for a couple of months. For the quick portrait that it was I thought that it turned out great. I love the mustache, and for that it makes the countdown.

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