Day Three Of The Big East Baseball Tournament

Day Three Is Elimination Day At The Big East Baseball Tournament

There was only one game played last Saturday on day three of the Big East baseball tournament. Seton Hall and Butler met for the second time during the tournament. The first game was a thirteen inning affair that Butler won. Seton Hall used their bats to get some revenge. Butler did not go away quietly making things interesting until the very end. This was the third game that I had shot for both teams. At some point you start to get to know players. You feel good for the winners, but you always notice the players that are feeling the agony. For what I am shooting they are not my priority, but they had a season come to an end. As I write this I have a fun Sunday to look forward to. Someone will walk out of Prasco Park as the Big East Champion and a ticket punched to the NCAA Tournament. The only question now is will it be St. John’s or Seton Hall?

A Perfect Call By The Big East

The night before the game the Big East moved the game up an hour and a half because of threatening weather. At the time the announcement was made my forecast looked bleak for Saturday. I went to the park fully expecting to spend some downtime during a weather delay. I had a book loaded up on my iPad and everything. As it turned out the game finished with no problems and the weather hit as I was driving back to my hotel. The first drops actually came down as I was leaving the stadium. The officials planned this one as perfect as you can. That was the weather bullet that every tournament must dodge. In past years it seems like I have been on the wrong end of those. It was nice to dodge the weather for once.

When Two Is Not Better Than One

I was trying out a new position during the game when something happened that I have not photographed before. Teams were running on Butler the entire tournament. With that in mind I was ready for the Seton Hall player to make his break for second. I was ready to capture the defender and the runner to get whatever the outcome would be. This is usually a two shot, but for some reason both middle infielders for Butler covered. It was a strange moment, but it made for an interesting picture.

The Week In Photos

I got a bit behind in my posts and had a scheduled Memorial Day post so this comes out much later than it normally would be. That does give me the opportunity thought to talk about the week that was. The beginning of the week still saw me in what I started to call recital week. Both kids had year end concerts, dance recitals, piano recitals, you name it. By midweek I was on my way to Ohio, and baseball madness started. It began with six innings of baseball at Victory Field. I then drove straight to Dayton to shoot a little more Minor League Baseball. Of course Thursday was the first day of the Big East baseball tournament which was amazing to cover. I say all of that to let you know that it was a packed, but very fun week to make some images. You can see my favorite images from the past week here.

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