Blue Hour At The Texas State Capitol

Finally A Chance To Photograph The Texas State Capitol

I have wanted to photograph this building for a long time. It is such a unique building, and there are many different ways to photograph it. I saw this angle while watching a YouTube video a few months back. As the photographer panned up and down to show you the unique nature of the angle I knew that I could get all of that in one shot with my Canon 11-24mm lens. My trip to Austin was not at all about photography. The nature of my disease though is that it always has to have some photography in it. My job is photography. My hobby also happens to be photography. This shot though was the only planned shot of my trip. The rest of the trip I left up to the photography gods. I knew though that I would want this shot. All of my nights at blue hour were taken up on the trip so that left mornings to get it. I set my alarm for the first morning to make sure that I was able to get this picture. If it did not work out then I had two more tries to do so. The good news is that the shoot went well enough that I was able to spend my other mornings finding new subjects.

The Magic Of Blue and Orange

If you read this blog then you know that I love the way that blue and orange play together. That is one of the reasons why I thought that this shot would work so well at blue hour. You have the beautiful blue sky up above with the orange foreground. The colors just play well together, and they make the image. I don’t know that this photo is nearly as good any other time of the day. As I sat there the clouds started to turn colors as the sun came up. I had an internal debate weather or not that would help the photo. I don’t think even a fiery sky would look better than this to me. There is a certain magic to the blue hour.

Just Do It

When I was walking to the capitol I was super excited for the shoot. I have had this idea for a couple of months now, and I finally had my chance to make it a reality. Imagine my excitement when I turned the corner and saw all of the scaffolding on the building. It is a good thing that I don’t vlog as it would have not been suitable for kids. With the nature of a wide angle lens though  I knew that the building in the center would be smaller, and the scaffolding not as prominent. The foreground here is as much the subject in this shot. I am still happy with my shot, and the scaffolding is just an excuse to come back to Austin to try this again.

The Week In Photos

After a couple of weeks of very heavy sports photos in my weekly compilation I have not sports photos at all in this one. This week was about family and visiting Austin to welcome another member into the family. You can view my favorite photos from the past week here on my Exposure site.


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