Inside The Ryman Auditorium

The View At The Top Of The Ryman Auditorium

One of the highlights of my trip to Nashville was touring the Ryman Auditorium. There is so much history there that it really is an amazing place. I nearly bought tickets to a show just to see something in there. I didn’t know the artist, but I thought anything would sound good in there. Even a seat all the way at the top would not be a bad one as you can see by the photo.

Waiting For An Empty Space

In a photo like this one you would either want the building full of people or completely empty. Of course here I tried to wait it out for an empty seating area, but after a few minutes I realized that these people were watching a nonexistent show. They were not showing any signs of moving. If I am somewhere with a tripod I will just wait until parts of the photo are clean. If you don’t move the tripod you can Frankenstein a clean image that way. Here though I was handheld with no signs of movement. With all of that said I still like the photo. I was infatuated with those windows, and I kept thinking of ways to get them in my photos.

The Week In Photos

My time in Nashville was pretty amazing. When NCAA sites were being talked about this was the site that I was rooting for. There was a reason for that. I wanted to explore a bit more than I was able to the last time that I was down there. My week in photos from that time was pretty fun to put together as it was a fun week to be a photographer. You can see my favorite photos from a fun week here on my Exposure site.


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