West Lafayette Baseball Battles Harrison At Bob Friend Field

The Red Devils And Raiders Play At Bob Friend Field

Man yesterday was a nice day! The temperature gauge finally hit 70 degrees. I knew that my daughter and I would spend as much time as we could outside to take advantage of the great weather. While on Twitter I saw that two locals schools would be playing at the ball field in our neighborhood. When I first moved here I loved the fact that there is baseball in the middle of the neighborhood. Back then my nephew was on the team so I made many bike rides over there to shoot the Red Devils. Lately though it seems as though my schedule and theirs have not synched up. For a few innings yesterday it finally did. I love the access and great angles that I can get at Bob Friend Field so I try and visit there as much as I can. Yesterday we could only stay a few innings, but I tried to make the most of that time.

Flying Dirt and Baseball

This year so far I have only photographed baseball on turf. You can make some interesting shots on turf, but nothing beats dirt flying through the air. That is baseball to me. I realize that turf fields help get more games in, and they are easy to take care of. For photo purposes though you just cannot beat actual dirt.

More Photos From the Day

I have put the photos from the game on my SmugMug site available to download. You can view that gallery here.

Waiting For The Turn

As I did Wednesday I was making some very tight shots of the players during the game. Here I just needed the catcher to turn in an unconventional manner to get this shot. A yell from the dugout helped me make this picture. I think that I have taken my Faces of Baseball project in a new direction with these shots. The best part about this shot is that I should see Owen play more in the future as he is committed to play at Purdue.


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