Indiana State and Xavier Play Two At Bob Warn Field

Indiana State Walks It Off To Finish Off A Doubleheader Sweep

I want to start with game two yesterday first because it was the most fun to shoot. Both teams had success, and moments that seemed to seal the game. In the end Indiana State scored three in the bottom of the ninth to win their ninth straight game. This team is hot right now, and the temperatures dropping at the end of the game were not enough to cool them off. There were great moments on both sides here, and that is important when covering both teams.

Indiana State Wins Game One Of The Doubleheader

In game one of the doubleheader Indiana State was down two early before punching four runs across to take a lead that it would not relinquish. Baseball is a funny game, and sometimes being on a roll is the thing that keeps you on a roll. That little extra confidence is all that you need in a sport decided by inches at times.

A Beautiful Day At Bob Warn Field

With the weather that everyone said was coming down on us I would have expected to be colder yesterday. As it turned out it was nearly a perfect day for baseball. The weather was great especially early on. The blue skies always look good against the Sycamore blue.

A Great Matchup

When I saw this game on the schedule I was instantly excited. These are the two schools that have kept this experiment alive. Without their support over the last two years this whole thing would be over by now. If you don’t know the story it is that I used to make soup cans, but I thought that there had to be more out there. I fell in love with photography, and realized that I could do some cool things with it. With no opportunities where I live both Indiana State and Xavier have stepped up to help keep this dream alive. Besides the monetary standpoint it is also great to have a purpose for my photos. You can make the best photos in the world, but without a purpose they are sort of pointless when it comes to sports. Just the fact that the photos have an audience gives you the little extra kick to do a little more. Okay instead of rambling on even more let me just say that I owe both of these schools an awful lot. They have kept this dream alive.


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