Indiana State Opens Up Arch Madness With Illinois State

Indiana State’s Season Comes To A Close With A Loss To Illinois State

Friday night Indiana State ended their season in St. Louis with a loss to Illinois State. When this tournament started I knew that anyone could win the thing. I may have let my imagination get ahead of me thinking about what would happen in Indiana State had won. I was planning the trip to Dayton for the play in game of the NCAA Tournament. That all came crashing down before the weekend really even started. This team fought until the end though, and that is all that you can ask for. You had a senior who ranks high on all of the ISU scoring charts taking a shot with about ten seconds left to tie the game. At the beginning of the season that is what I would have wanted to see. It was not meant to be though.

Going Way Wide

I took my Canon 11-24mm lens to the game to try some things out. I wanted to get a much wider view than I have in the past. The 11-24mm did that for me for sure. I had just planned to use it as a first half remote, but during the pregame intros I couldn’t resist using it. My favorite shot with it though was this jumper by Jordan Barnes. I love the action throughout the frame, and the reflections just make it for me. A remote is never something that you should rely on, but when it hits it always feels good.

A Great Group of Men

This was a fun senior class to be around. They really gave it their all, and I was really sad to see their careers come to an end so quickly this post season. The thing with college athletics is that four years seems like a long time, but it really goes by in the blink of an eyelash. I have only been around this team for three years, but that even flew by. This team has a solid core coming back though, and I think that they can compete for the league title next year with all of the additions coming in.




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