Indiana State Beats Loyola On Senior Day

Indiana State Defeats Loyola On Senior Night

Yesterday afternoon the Indiana State women’s team capped off their home season with a win. This was one game that I wanted badly for the seniors. This team has been through so much this year that I have wanted a lot of wins badly for them. They have delivered lately though sweeping another weekend. They are on a three game winning streak right now and the next game is against the team that they are tied in fourth place with. This team has control of their own fate right now, and that is pretty awesome to see. It was also great to see these three ladies leave the Hulman Center winners one last time.

You’ve Come A Long Way

This team has come a long way from the team that I saw for the first time at IUPUI this year. That team was not competing well at all for one reason or another. Once the coaching change occurred the team really caught a spark and took off. I don’t know the inner workings at Indiana State, but I have a front runner to fill the coaching job. It would just require taking the term interim off of the name now. This team has become one that is fun to watch play basketball. I don’t know what my schedule with them looks like for the rest of the season. If this is the last time that I will see them on the court, but they have been fun to watch play. They went from looking like a team that would be near the bottom of the league to one currently tied for fourth place. A great turnaround that has been fun to witness.

Senior Day Emotion

Senior day is always a day filled with emotion. At one point of the game I was still capturing the action, but thinking of the emotion that would come later. I was actually hoping for a big lead so that I could make some images of the players being pulled off of the floor one last time. That was not to be though so they had to do what seniors should do and lead their team one last time at home. At the end of the year when you have seemingly made every type of action photo that you can make the emotion is what keeps you going. Senior day is a big way to keep that momentum going. The tournament coming up provides its own emotion which is why this is my favorite time of the year to make basketball photos.

A Sycamore Weekend

This past weekend was a pretty good one for Indiana State athletics. As a whole the athletic department had a good weekend. Baseball swept their weekend series. All three basketball games were wins, and track and field picked up a pair of 2nd place conference finishes. The programs are starting to trend in the right direction, and you can feel the momentum. I can’t wait for the spring sports to come home for a while so that I can see them in person.

Pregame Fun

Two days in a row now I have made my favorite picture of the day during pregame. That is very cool, but I guess also kind of depressing to think about. I made this photo during introductions. It is my favorite picture of the day, and I shot for about another two hours. On the other hand I caught a moment that I have not seen yet this season so why wouldn’t it be my favorite. I did the same thing yesterday in Bradley. I saw a cool moment just after ISU was introduced, and even with the upset photos it was still my favorite image of the day. That just goes to show you that action is only part of the story. Always be looking for another piece of the story that you want to tell.

Last Ride At The Hulman Center

Yesterday was my last game in the Hulman Center until next season. It does not seem like that long ago when we were planning how to cover the season. Now it has come and gone for the most part. Every stadium from here on out this season will be one that I have either no experience in or very little. I kind of like that challenge. I also do enjoy knowing everything about the stadium that I shoot in a lot. I shot more inside the Hulman Center this season than I ever have before. I can’t wait to shoot in the new and improved stadium.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a great one for me professionally. I shot four basketball games in five days, and my team won every game! Add to that the emotions of two senior nights and one great road win, and the photos just seemed to make themselves. I can only hope that this week shapes up like last week for me. That would be a tall order. I did not promote the last week in photos too much as it was a week filled with more private events. I made some photos that I love, and would like to share but I cannot. This week I had a lot of photos that I can share, and it made for a post that is longer than normal. You can view that one here.



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