Indiana State Starts Off Senior Weekend With A Win Over Valpo

Indiana State Defeats Valparaiso On Senior Weekend

Last night I was in Terre Haute for the second to last time this year to cover basketball. It is hard to believe that this season is almost over. It does not seem like that long ago that I was watching this team on the road at IUPUI to start my time with them. Here we are though on senior weekend. The seniors helped lead the way last night too which was only fitting. Since the beginning of the year this team has really found their stride. They have already surpassed their conference win total from last year, and they have moved out of the play in game for Hoops in the Heartland. They have become very fun to watch. We have at least one more time to do so Sunday on senior day.

Going For A Different Look

I decided to try something out last night. I had my Canon 11-24mm lens on me to play around with for intros. When the game action started I placed it at my feet and propped it up with the Pocket Wizard that was attached to it. I fired it with another Pocket Wizard on my camera. I knew that I would not get a lot from the remote, but it might produce something cool. Here you get to see a little more of the arena as well as a pretty cool reflection on the floor. It is not my best basketball picture of the year, but it is something different. At this point of the season I will take anything that is different.

Grinding Through The Weekend

This weekend will have a little travel in it. At the end of the day I will travel more than I will to go to St. Louis next weekend. As basketball season winds down the travel seems to increase. It is great that I work for a team that has the budget to send me out on the road with them. By the time that this posts. I will be nearly on my way to Bradley to cover the Indiana State men. Tomorrow I will be back in Terre Haute to cover the Indiana State women on their senior day. After tomorrow no more home court for me as everything shifts to new venues.


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